john butler

A brutal lesson in Machine Learning

This is the New World, and you children must be ready for it.

Revolutionary technology accellerates the way things are

The inauguration of a new interface

A cold call from the future. Please pay attention

Adaptive degradation. The Market analyzes, reconstructs, and finally discards man.

Is there a future? A symbolic journey from the underworld of on-demand labour, through the desert of opportunity to the antechamber of acceptance.

A NeoFeudal ceremony. The industrial reserve are granted day release to celebrate the arrival of the royal progeny.

Promo for the Solid State Cinema .

Meltdown at a biotech facility .

Once again, the New Economy reinvents itself.

A Spectral Oddyssey.

This presentation demonstrates a prototype of the Ethical Governor, a key component in the ethical projection of unmanned, autonomous force.

My work is about human utility in an age of artificial indifference.

I work with 3D animation, motion capture, digital audio and text to speech applications to create Solid State Cinema, a digital moving image form that is native to the web.